What is Crossfit

They say that hard work makes you stronger. A lot stronger, in fact. And leaner. And faster. And, did we mention stronger?

About Crossfit

Our CrossFit classes offer intense comprehensive daily workouts in a group setting. Each hour-long session could incorporate cardio, strength training, mobility, gymnastics, Olympic lifts, plyometrics—a constantly varied combination of the most effective training techniques planned out and served up by our expert coaching staff.

We offer an array of class times, and succinct, hour-long sessions—it’s
never been easier to achieve next-level fitness while maintaining a busy schedule.

Beginner Course

Regardless of your fitness level, the transition to CrossFit will be a fantastic challenge—but that doesn’t mean it has to be daunting. Everyone who signs up for Crossfit must first enroll in our Beginner Course, where you spend two personal training sessions with one of our coaches. The Beginner Course helps you to transition smoothly into the CrossFit program.

You’ll become comfortable with the more complex movements, learn proper form, and get hip to the terms and methods in a supportive setting run by one of our expert staff.

Meanwhile, we’ll become acquainted with you, too—your strengths, your challenges, your goals. Everyone’s fitness journey should begin on the right foot.

And, if you’d prefer group sessions to get up to speed, the Beginner Course can be scheduled for you and an unlimited amount of friends.

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Free Intro Class

Our members tell us our programs and community sell themselves. Still not convinced? Schedule a free CrossFit Intro class
so you can see for yourself just how fun and effective CrossFit is. No egos, no barriers…just fun and progress.

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