There is a lot of love in the air at CrossFit 717.  Weddings and engagements are popping all over the place!  It’s time to celebrate and congratulate all of our newlyweds (or soon to be newlyweds!).  We wish you all a lifetime of happiness!

Stephanie just recently made the transition to CrossFit after a summer of Sweatshop.  Her and her husband, Tyler, we were married on June 24, 2017.  They honeymooned at an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica. They met online and had their first official date at a Dunkin Donuts 🙂

Ben Wise married his college sweetheart, Brooke, on 7.8.17 at the Lodge at Liberty Forge in Mechanicsburg, PA.  They flew off to Cancun for their honeymoon this summer!  They met while attending Messiah College, and got setup on a double date by their roommates who were dating during finals week.  We didn’t talk all summer and Brooke spent the next semester in the fall at Temple University for video specialization courses.  Once she returned, we started dating.  Two and a half years later he proposed and they got married one year later.

Long time 717er Sandi Strobel married her main squeeze Konrad Slezak on July 8, 2017 at Holy Name of Jesus Church in Harrisburg.  Their reception was at Harmony Hall Estate in Middletown.  Sandi said, “It was such a perfect day!”.  They haven’t taken a honeymoon yet, but are planning on traveling to Ireland eventually.  They actually met online on! Sandi had clicked on matches near her and he came up. He had a dog in his profile picture, so she was a goner, lol!  They went on their first date at the Coliseum and fifteen months later, we were engaged. 🙂

Andy and Jen are both 717 members and they just got married August 5, at the Gettysburg Hotel.  It was beautiful!  They went on a honeymoon to Maine where they visited Portland and Bar Harbor.  Ate so much lobster, drank local beers, and hiked all over the place. They also stopped in Boston where they went to a Red Sox/Yankees Game (so fun!) and explored the historic sites.  They met almost 6 years ago in November 2011.  They both play intramural sports (dodgeball, kickball, flag football) and met after a dodgeball game.  They live in Lemoyne (near Negley Park) – just minutes away from the gym.


Kris Mayhue and Erin (O’Connor) are both members of 717.  Kris recruited Erin to join after they started dating!  They got married on 08/12/2017 at the Peter Allen House in Dauphin, Pa.  They traveled to the CrossFit Games in Wisconsin right before their wedding but will be taking their real honeymoon in Costa Rica in February 2018!  They met through friends.

Sarah (Frenette) Mattos snuck off and got married to her now husband, Evan, over Labor Day weekend on 9/3/17 at the Linwood Estate in Carlisle, PA.  Her gorgeous tan indicates they had great weather on their honeymoon in Jamaica!  They were set-up by a mutual friend.

Vanessa and Zach, both 717ers, were married on September 3rd at Drumore Estate in Lancaster County.  They left the next day for a wonderful week in Cancun.  They actually met at Stocks on 2nd Street in Harrisburg almost 3 years ago…they were both out to grab a drink, and Zach spotted her from across the room. For whatever reason, he walked right up to her and struck up a conversation (and he claims he NEVER had any luck talking to girls out of the blue like that). But he must’ve done something right, because they talked for 3 hours, then went on a date the following weekend.  And the rest is history!

Alex & Ashley, the 717 sweethearts were married on September 9, 2017.  Their wedding ceremony was in Keuka Park, NY and the reception was in Canandaigua, NY….the Finger Lakes region.  They honeymooned at the Excellence Riviera Cancun in Puerto Morelos, Mexico…and they want to go back immediately to enjoy coco locos on the beach!  They met at 717, of course!  Way back in 2014, Ashley was a Sweatshopper and Alex was a morning CrossFitter and their first dates used to be right on the benches inside the door!

Leah and Jaime are both morning CrossFitters, their big day was just this past Saturday, September 30th, at Brasenhill Mansion in Lebanon, PA.  They were always acquaintances, but “met” junior year of high school.  Thank goodness for seating charts as they were assigned to sit next to each other in English class.

Alison moved back to Harrisburg from Philadelphia in November of 2016. Prior to moving back, she had lived in a wonderful apartment in Ardmore, PA, right outside of the city. A great couple, Courtney and Brandon, had just moved in on the first floor and they had quickly become friends.  She had only known them a few months before letting them know she was moving to Harrisburg, where they had just moved away from. They knew that she loved CrossFit, constantly trying to get them to come with, and asked where she would go once she moved back home. Alison let them know CrossFit 717. Courtney quickly replied saying our friend Marshall goes to that gym, I’ll give you his number so you at least know someone there.  She sent Alison his number which she ignored out of shyness. Months later she was stretching before class and hears someone yell, “hey Marshall”.  She looked up and thought to herself, oooooh, so THAT is Marshall!! She went up to him a little later and introduced myself. That Friday he asked her to go with him to the Farm Show and the rest is history!  She knew after everything, God had hand-picked Marshall for her. She believes she is the luckiest girl in the world; her cup runneth over! Marshall remembers helping Courtney and Brandon move in, and Alison running up to welcome them to the neighborhood.  They will be getting married on October 7, 2017.  Brandon will be a groomsman in the wedding of course.

Brooke finally convinced her firefighter fiance, Addison, to join 717 with her…just in time to get fit for their wedding!  They will tie the knot on November 4, 2017.  Their big day will take place at the Log Cabin in Holyoke, MA (on top of a mountain)!  They plan to travel to Punta Cana for their honeymoon!  Brooke and Addison got connected through mutual friends at a bar in Connecticut!

Brandi and her soon to be husband, Doug actually met way back in 2004 at Holy Spirit Hospital. He worked in radiology and she was a nurse in the ER. They are getting married at the Matthew Ryan Building (part of the capitol) in Harrisburg on November 25.  No honeymoon planned yet, just spending time with each other and their fur babies.

Carissa Kutkowski and her fiance Lee Nishanian are slated to be married on January 7, 2018 in Corona, CA.  They will follow that up with a honeymoon to Los Cabos, Mexico!  The duo met senior year of high school through mutual friends and first met in person at Knott’s Scary Farm in California on a big trip with their soccer friends. They both played on the same club team and never knew it!  They both committed to the same college before they even met and both played soccer there. They have been together for 8 years, engaged for 1 year.  Seems like it was meant to be!

Taylor has been a staple at 717 and recently got his fiance, Shannon, to join him!  They are getting married May 12, 2018 in Stone Harbor, NJ.  They are traveling to Greece for their honeymoon and splitting their time between Santorini and Mykonos.  They actually met all the way back in middle school at Harrisburg Academy and have been together since junior year of high school.

Tricia & John joined 717 together after moving from New Jersey for John’s job.  Their wedding date is set for June 2, 2018
They will be headed back to Williamstown, NJ (Scotland Run Golf Course) to get married and then plan to fly off to Hawaii for their honeymoon!  Tricia and John’s grandparents may have owned a golf course together back in the day, Tricia’s sister may have been friends with John’s sister in High School, and Tricia may have gone to John’s mom’s salon to get her hair done for EVERY formal dance in High School. However, it wasn’t until 3 years after high school that Tricia and John would begin dating. Get a couple drinks in John, ask him how they met and you will get his side (the accurate side) of how they met. They first met at John’s cousin’s girlfriend’s (now wife) and also Tricia’s best friend’s 21st Birthday celebration in Atlantic City. Tricia was newly single and John was also single. While at the popular rooftop bar, “The Chelsea,” John felt that him and Tricia were really hitting it off and deep in conversation, that is until Tricia stopped him mid-convo and said “I’m going to go talk to those guys over there” and walked away from John leaving him speechless. “Well I will never talk to her again,” he stated to his cousin. The “playing hard to get” must have worked because the next day John asked Tricia’s best friend “what’s your friend Tricia’s deal?” She quickly and excitedly replied with, “I’ll hook it up!” Then after an exchange of Facebook messages between John and Tricia, John replied with “Here’s my number, text me if you’re ever bored.” Tricia was bored one day at school and decided to text John “Hey what’s up, it’s Tricia, I’m bored” anddddd the rest is history! ❤️
Marissa and her fiance,  Steve, are getting married next August (2018).  They don’t have the honeymoon quite picked yet but it’ll be something that is both relaxing (beaches for me) and adventurous (outdoors/nature for Steve).  People keep telling them Hawaii!  They met at orientation/work training in King of Prussia over 7 years ago!