With a nod to those who chose to put their neck on the line and compete in the open, this WOD will be about a little game day prep.
The day before an event it is always good to do some openers, and build confidence. -Hebe

Also, Happy Birthday Todd!!!!!!

Burpees progression. Sets of 10
These should be done slower than WOD/Open speed.
1) Just the drop. Focus is on landing low.
2) Start on your belly and bring knees forward. Focus on the drive of the hips forward and landing the feet ready to jump
3) Start from standing, jump and touch the target, then go right into the drop
4) Full burpee movement

These may seem rudimentary, however I have been seeing some very lazy burpee form both dropping and getting to the feet. The burpees need to be efficient and steady.

Skill #2
Snatch work with the opening weight. 4 sets of 5. These are to be done deliberately with good form.

800 run
3 Turkish get-ups per side alternate sides each rep
30 lateral bar hops
800 run
3 Turkish get-ups per side
30 lateral bar hops
800 run

Anyone doing the Open workout Friday, the 1st and 3rd runs should be easy, the 2nd run should be a hard pace. TGU should be at a rhythmic steady six step pace and not rushed.

inverted plank
leg through and back onto knee
turn and align
stand up

down to knee
down to hand
inverted plank
sit down
elbow down
roll down to back

Open contestants do not get timed. Your race is Friday.

400 EASY
2 TGU per side
20 Lateral hops
400 HARD
2 TGU per side
20 Lateral hops
400 EASY