Time to add some twists to the good ole’ Better Body Challenge and make it just in time for Thanksgiving!

  • Teams of 2 (Nothing like having a partner hold you accountable)
  • Scoring (BF%, Lean Muscle Mass, Daily Macro Tracking, Attendance, Meetings, and of course, the Before/After pic)
  • Individualized macro plans with mid-point adjustments
  • Total length of SIX weeks

The Official Check-in will be on Sunday, October 4th, and end on Saturday, November 14th!  This is when you will have your BF%,  Lean Muscle Mass, and “Before” picture taken.

We’ve decided to add a scoring system to this challenge. Just like in our CrossFit and SweatShop classes, we emphasize and applaud not only intensity, but effort.  We are after LIFESTYLE changes with these challenges, and know that sincere effort is what makes these changes stick.

Coach Ron will be developing an online spreadsheet that will track your points. Things such as Daily Macro Tracking will be your responsibility to enter into the system. The 717 team will enter your class attendance, Body Fat/Lean Mass numbers, and more.

Points will be given for:

  • Class attendance- We will be revamping our setup and sign-in criteria for classes, and tracking your attendance weekly through Zenplanner.
  • Daily Macro-nutrient Tracking- Using a free app called “myfitnesspal”, you will be scored on entering your Daily Macro’s AND being with 10 grams of the prescribed amount.
  • Body Fat %- We will get your entry BF%, and at the mid-point and end-point retest instead of just at the end.
  • Lean Muscle Mass- It’s not all just about shedding BF. We want to see lean muscle mass gains, and will record along with BF%.
  • Meetings- We will have 2-3 meetings over the six weeks where we’ll get together and do check-ups and hangout. One of them will be a “macro-adjustment” meeting.
  • Before/After Pic

One of the biggest questions will be with the Macro tracking. Exactly how do we track, but know what the correct amount is?

Well, we ran to our favorite “Macro” mastermind, Sean Ireland with questions, and recruited him to head up the Nutrition Education Department throughout this process.

He’ll also be available on the private Facebook page for advice and support.  A couple steps to get you going RIGHT NOW is:

We’re all really excited to get this thing started. Remember, it’s $25/person, and can be paid through your Zenplanner account or cash. If you want us to sign you up, let us know via email or conversation in the box and we can run it for you.

Your entry fee of $25 will go towards events and material associated with this Better Body Challenge, such as mid-point party’s and after party’s, along with prizes for the winners like custom apparel, free 717 memberships, and more. There will be more information coming out this week, such as events calendar and updates to the scoring system!

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