Get to work in The Sweatshop

SweatShop is just like CrossFit without the advanced movements, but you should think twice before calling SweatShop easy.

About SweatShop

SweatShop combines cardio, strength, mobility, and endurance training into a high-intensity workout that will have you wondering why you wasted time doing anything else. You’ll burn fat. You’ll get toned. You’ll get strong—without having to lift heavy weights.

Each SweatShop workout will be a unique experience designed to push you forward.

Held in classes ranging from 5 to 15 participants, and guided by one of our expert coaching staff, you’ll be guided through proper form and movements appropriate to your fitness level and abilities. Our coaches will be there every step of the way to keep you moving towards the best shape of your life. Just ask one of our members.

Free Intro Class

We could talk endlessly about how SweatShop is right for you, but we’d rather prove it. We’re offering a free SweatShop Intro class
so you can see for yourself just how effective SweatShop is. No excuses, no barriers…just progress.

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