Love Saturday mornings

Schedule changes
Most of these changes are additions of Open Gym times.  We can now offer Open Gym from:
M-F *730-9am.  
T/Th 4-530pm
Saturday 11am-1pm
*We turned the 730am class into an Open Gym for the remainder of the Winter.  This will allow us to offer other possibilities between the hours of 730-1130am.  My heads already churning with ideas!!  
The H20 (swim) WOD is now EVERY Tuesday night at 7pm!
These times are subject to change without notice, as we find what works best for all our members and our staff.  
Weightlifting Meet ‘n Eat 2/16/13 @ 12pm
The weightlifting classes changed for THIS WEEK ONLY!!  We will be lifting on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 5pm in preparation for this Saturdays Meet ‘n Eat.  
Lifters:  Please list your name and weight (in kilo’s) on the sign up sheet located beside the log-in computer before Friday night.  
Attendees (and lifters): Make, bake, and grill, any dish you’d like.  Bring a chair or sit on the grass (turf) and watch your friends lift.    
This is being ran solely for the fun of it.  3 lifts in the Snatch and 3 lifts in the Clean & Jerk is all you get!  All participants are grouped in together by weight category.  All weights will be in Kilograms!  

1RM Thruster

100 Goodmorning Darlings


Team of two completes for time:
500m Row
5 Bears Complex (135/95)
400m Row
4 Bears
300m Row
3 Bears
200m Row
2 Bears
100m Row
1 Bear

*You row 500m, I “Bear” 5… we then Switch…. You “Bear” 5, I row 500m.