I walk into the Box every day with more than a few goats left to conquer. Perhaps you’re right there with me? Even if you have a pretty good handle on all of the Crossfit movements, you are still striving for 1 more rep, 5 more pounds, 10 less seconds on the clock…it’s the Crossfit way!  When I first started 2 years ago, I struggled just to hang on the bar…yes, pretty pitiful! And I’d look at the Crossfitter next to me cranking out their pull-ups and think, “How will I EVER get there?!!!”  I did not have the strength or coordination or skill to make it happen. But with some good programming and more than a few extra Sunday sessions I progressed from bar hangs to negatives to banded pull-ups. And one day I finally got that first fist-pumping no-s&%! chin-above-the-bar video-worthy WOOO-HOOOO pull-up. Progression!

I challenge you to apply the same principle to your nutrition. Do a basic assessment. Where are you right now? Many of you have already made significant changes and are seeing great results. Working with the general public as I do, I am I am blown away by the knowledge and dedication of our 717 community with regards to food…you guys have a lot to be proud of! You’ve built a good base and you might be ready for the next step, whatever that is for you. Perhaps it’s tweaking your food choices or portions or cutting back on cheat days to push your performance even further. Or it may be maintaining what you already have in place…not always an easy task!

If you’re new to Crossfit you may be considering the switch to Paleo but don’t know how you’d EVER give up Friday night pizza or ice cream. It seems so easy for the guy next to you; just remember that he’s likely been working just as hard on his diet as he has on his pull-ups…for months or years. And no doubt he’s struggled and tweaked and fell of the wagon numerous times before finding a balance that works.   
While it is certainly possible to make the jump from a standard American diet (aka SAD) directly to a full-on Games-worthy Paleo diet, it’s not easy. Think progression. One step at a time. Not ready to give up oatmeal? Try eliminating wheat first. Hooked on your afternoon yogurt? Switch from the fat-free sugar sweetened stuff to full-fat organic plain with fresh/frozen berries mixed in. Stop using canola oil and reach for the coconut oil instead. Cook a batch of meat and vegetables on Sunday for lunches instead of taking a sandwich and chips.
Come out for the 30-Day Challenge kick-start meetup on Saturday to seek (and share) inspiration or guidance. And as Jamie mentioned on FB, it can be a complete overhaul or a minor tune-up.  Pick one thing and give it 100% for the month…or use the support of the team to help you turn your kitchen and plate upside-down!
-Karen Polensky