To our members who drive us and inspire us each and every day;
To our colleagues who challenge us to achieve perfection;
To our community for whom we spend countless hours devising ways to serve you better;
And to our competition…

3 … 2 … 1 … GO!

If one word encapsulates the very foundation of CrossFit, that word is community. The community is the source of its strength: not the weight, not the reps, not the PRs or how fast we complete a WOD or achieve a goal. Getting a good workout is ordinary. It’s easy to pay $10 a month for an elliptical and free weights surrounded by an “intimidation-free” zone. Wasting money on singular instruction instead of collaborating with a coach cheapens our potential. Greatness is a lifelong pursuit.

As a community we challenge each other. We support each other’s perseverance to be the best version of ourselves: for ourselves, for our families, for our loved ones, and for our community. We weep, celebrate, collapse, and lift each other off the floor and on our feet to do it all over again. As a community we do this; we achieve nothing alone.

Our motto is “Never Quit.” Our community can be stronger; CrossFit 717 can be stronger. We can reach farther, climb higher, and empower those beyond our community to achieve the same. If we don’t challenge ourselves, we won’t change. We won’t earn that one more rep. We won’t lift those five more pounds. We won’t achieve our next goal. To succeed, CrossFit 717 summoned its greatest asset: our community.

To our members, to our colleagues, to our community, and to our competition – we listened.

We challenge the community to push boundaries, to grow, and to never quit; and the community deserves nothing less of 717. Not only did we listen, we pulled directly from the strength of our community to make 717 better and stronger.

CrossFit 717 proudly announces the expansion of its leadership, bringing familiar faces to the ownership team to empower our community in that lifelong pursuit of greatness. Join us in welcoming Ron Trimnell, Rick Poplaski, Phillip Copley and Sarah Copley! Expanding the leadership means our coaches will focus on what matter – you. In collaboration with the team they will continue to devise ways to challenge our athletes, our community, and our competition.

In the coming days and week, Ron, Rick, Phil and Sarah will assume operating roles at the box. Some will be behind the scenes and some will be within the community. If you have any questions or suggestions for 717, don’t hesitate to tell any of them!

Join the new team, the coaches, and the 717 community on Saturday, April 9 at 3 PM at Midstate Distillery (1817 N. Cameron Street, Harrisburg). If you don’t know one of the new owners, come get to know them! Have an idea? Come share it! Want to just relax with an amazing drink and #717nation? Do it!

Never quit!