Movement Seminar and Screening by Paul Erwin, DPT

Tuesday Night (4/30/13)@ 6pm-7pm.

This will be the very first event of CrossFit 717’s Movement and Mobility Program! Paul Erwin, DPT will be presenting a few foundational movement concepts. He will then work with the group to help them identify potential holes in their movement, and give some basic strategies to master them. You will realize how your quest to master movement will help you become more of a bad-ass machine than you already are. Not only in the gym, but in sport, and everyday life.





Tuesday afternoon schedule:

4-515: Open Gym
5:15-6: CrossFit WOD
6-7: Movement/Mobility Screening
7-8: CrossFit WOD

*Beginners can attend the Movement/Mobility screening that day in place of the regularly scheduled Beginners Class.