Designed by 717 coaches to provide an option to meet the needs of our athletes who are looking for high intensity CrossFit workouts without the Olympic or heavy power lifting movements. The 717 Sweat Shop WODs (Workout Of the Day) are designed with fat loss and improving your overall fitness at the forefront, using higher reps with lower weights or body weight exercises.

Who is the 717 Sweat Shop for?

  • Your goal is more aligned with fat-loss, muscular tone and strength.
  • CrossFit athletes that may not be interested in a muscle up or a handstand push-up, but you want to be a stronger athlete.
  • You want to gain strength, yet are not totally into Olympic lifting or heavy weightlifting.
  • You are coming from the Beginner program and you want a little more ramp up with lighter weights to master the foundational movements.

When: This Saturday at 8am will be our open house kick start class.  You and any interested friends or family are welcome to attend.

:  All new 717 Sweat shop memberships (Unlimited or 3x per week) are 20% off for life for the first 25 members using the Coupon code “Sweat717”, and are available for purchase here.  All Unlimited CrossFit members have access to the Sweat Shop classes at no extra charge.

Class Times
:  Starting next week, every M-W-F at 9am & 530pm, and Saturday at 8am.

Questions?  Contact us here.



(If you already seen the competition we’re hosting on June 29th, “Battle of The Pike”, you’ll know that this may be an important day!)

Thrusters (95/65)