Athlete:  Sara has been known to get up at the crack of dawn for the 5:30am class, but she also frequents classes in the evening so may have been lucky enough to already have met her!  Sara has been working hard at mastering the Olympic Lifts in her short time at 717.  Sara has a lot of grit and determination, you can see it as she grinds through WODs!  Make sure you introduce yourself to her next time you see her in class!

1.  Where did you grow up?
I grew up between St. Louis, Missouri and Clarksville, Tennessee.

2. What is your athletic background?
I played soccer from 6-17 then roller derby from 21 until now.

3. How did you get started with CrossFit?
A friend/ coworker tried explaining what it was to me and I was kind of confused so I signed up for the free class to see for myself.

4. How long have you been at CrossFit 717?
Since the end of September 2016

5. What is your favorite type of CrossFit workout (ex: AMRAP, EMOM, Chipper, etc.)?

6. What exercises/WODs do you dislike?
I really hate double unders and wall balls

7. What is your proudest CrossFit moment?
When I hit 155 front squat cause I dropped it a few times before I got it.

8. What is your biggest goal in life?
Go to Cape Town and cage dive with great whites; to learn to let go of expectations

9. Where did you go to high school/college?
I went to three high schools, Susquehanna, Central Dauphin, and Dauphin County Vo-tech. I also went to HACC.

10. What is your current occupation?
Auto Technician

11. Who is your favorite CrossFit Athlete?
Haven’t gotten that far yet.

12.  What is your favorite movie and why?
What dreams may come. I have this weird fear of the after life and it gives me peace of mind I guess.

13.  What is your favorite thing about CrossFit 717?
Class times, people, coaches, what’s not to like.

14.  What is your biggest pet peeve?
When someone says they are going to do something and then they don’t. Wether it be big or small there is just no excuse to me to not accomplish what you said you would.

15. What is one thing you have never done that we would be surprised about?
Done any winter sports except sledding here and there.

16. Where is your favorite place that you have traveled to?
Hands down the Bahamas!

17. What would you say is your worst personality trait and why?
Overthinking. I am so terrible at this that I have put myself into situations I shouldn’t have been in all because I overthink everything.

18. Did you or do you have a nickname?  What’s the story behind it?
I guess I have two but one is my roller derby name and that one is Holden Grudges and well that’s because I do not let things go, ever. The other is nut, got that one from derby too but because I would duck to get around other skaters and they said I looked like a little peanut.

19. What is your favorite genre of music to workout to?  What are your top 3 workout songs?
Loud, fast, and a good beat I don’t really prefer a genre to another. Rage against the machine- know your enemy. Young buck- stomp. The game- one blood.

20. Who has been the biggest influence on your life?
My grandma, she has the hugest heart.


21. What do you feel is the most important invention in the past 100 years and why?
The automobile, for obvious reasons helps to travel, get places, move things. And I love cars so that too.

22. What are your hobbies and interests outside of the box?
Kayaking, camping, crafts, concerts, video games; pretty much anything that’ll put a smile on my face I’ll get into.