ATHLETE:  You can always count on Brinton for a fist pound…he brings a smile to every class and is eager to learn and improve.  He is a strong, explosive athlete with a ton of potential!  Brinton has been a staple at 7pm, but you can also find him popping in at lunch sometimes!

1. Where did you grow up?
On a small farm in Lewisberry, PA.

2. What is your athletic background?
I played roller hockey throughout high school and college. My true passion is golf. I’ve played all over the country and one time in Scotland

3. How did you get started with CrossFit?
Coach Jeff kept pushing me to try it out and I’m pretty sure the only reason why I joined because I lost a bet to him in which I had to join for a month.

4. How long have you been at CrossFit 717?
I’ve been here since March 2015

5. What is your favorite type of CrossFit workout (ex: AMRAP, EMOM, Chipper, etc.)?
I love the 21-15-9 complex. I feel like I always push myself harder when it’s in the WOD

6. What exercises/WODs do you dislike?
Burpees…..burpees can suck it

7. What is your proudest CrossFit moment?
Rowing 2K in 7:08 and getting on the big board in the gym

8. What is your biggest goal in life?
I want to be financial successful whether it’s owning a profitable business or making smart decisions in the stock market.

9. Where did you go to high school/college?
Cedar Cliff High School and Shippensburg University

10. What is your current occupation?
Self-Employed, I manage an eBay store where I sell antique chinaware and other goods.

11. Who is your favorite CrossFit Athlete?
Sara Sigmundsdottir…..She’s a babe.

12.  What is your favorite movie and why?
Caddyshack is my all-time favorite. There’s so many great quotes from that movie.

13.  What is your favorite thing about CrossFit 717?
I love the support you get when working out. The coaches and everyone cheering you on to finish a workout keeps motivating me to push harder.

14.  What is your biggest pet peeve?
People who walk slow drives me nuts

15. What is one thing you have never done that we would be surprised about?
I’ve never been to New York City.

16. Where is your favorite place that you have traveled to?
I had a chance to spend a month in Europe and my favorite city was Praque, Czech Republic. It was a beautiful city and the beer was cheaper than water.

17. What would you say is your worst personality trait and why?
Coach Jamie keeps saying I’m socially awkward so I’ll go with that.

18. Did you or do you have a nickname?  What’s the story behind it?
A lot of my friends would call me BAM because my initials spell it out (Brinton A Motto)

19. What is your favorite genre of music to workout to?  What are your top 3 workout songs?
Anything with a good beat. Rap, punk, rock all work for me.

20. Who has been the biggest influence on your life?
My parents have been the biggest influence. I wouldn’t be where I’m at without them.

21. What do you feel is the most important invention in the past 100 years and why?
The smart phone, without it I wouldn’t be able to do eBay so well.

22. What are your hobbies and interests outside of the box?
I love playing golf and I’m a huge car nerd.