The 4 preliminary workouts will be scored on a point system with the first place athlete receiving 100 points, points will decrease incrementally for each subsequent place.  

At the conclusion of the 4th event, the scores will be tallied and the divisions will be represented with the following number of teams for the final:

Female Scale: 3
Female RX: 3
Male Scale: 3
Male RX: 5

In the event of a tie, the athlete with the best finish in the AMRAP 10 will enter the final.

The final WOD will be announced immediately following the final event (live at the event AND on Facebook). The scoring for the final will be weighted heavier than the other WODs with 1st receiving 100, 2nd=80, 3rd=60, 4th=40, 5th=20. In the event of a points tie following the final, the athlete’s finish in the final WOD will determine their final placing.

Individual Final WOD
In a 2 minute window:
1 Rope climb (10 m sled pull)
4 Deadlifts (RX Male: 275, RX Female: 185, Scale Male: 185, Scale Female: 125)
*rest until 2 minutes

In a 2 minute window:
2 Rope climb (20 m sled pull)
8 Deadlifts (275/185/185/125)
*rest until 2 minutes

In a 2 minute window:
3 Rope climb (30 m sled pull)
12 Deadlifts (275/185/185/125)
*rest until 2 minutes

In a 2 minute window:
4 Rope climb (40 m sled pull)
16 Deadlifts (275/185/185/125)
*rest until 2 minutes

In a 2 minute window:
5 Rope climb (50 m sled pull)
20 Deadlifts (275/185/185/125)

Rope Climb:
In the rope climb, the athlete ascends the rope to touch the crossbeam at the top.  Jumping up to begin each ascent is permitted. On the descent, the athlete must show control until their hands touch below the designated mark, they may not drop from the top of the rope.  Using the feet is allowed.

This is a traditional deadlift with the hands outside the knees.  Sumo deadlifts are not allowed.  Starting at the floor, the barbell is lifted until the knees and hips reach full extension with the shoulders behind the bar.  The arms must be straight throughout.  No bouncing.

Sled Pull:
Athletes will remain behind the starting line and pull the sled the designated distance across a pre-marked line.  The athlete will not have to push the sled back to its starting point, this will be done by volunteers.

WOD Description:
The WOD will begin at the sound of 3,2,1, GO.  The athletes will have 2 minutes to complete 1 rope climb (10m sled pull) and 4 deadlifts.  Once an athlete has completed the rope climb (10m sled pull) and deadlifts they will rest until the 2-minute mark.  The WOD will continue in this manner with the athlete completing the designated amount of rope climbs (sled pulls) and deadlifts every 2 minutes until the 10 minute mark.  If an athlete fails to complete the designated amount of work in the 2 minute window, their time in the final WOD is over and their score will be their total.  In the event that 2 or more athletes remain in the final 2 minute window, their score will be the total reps completed or time they finished.  A tie break time will be recorded for each round of work.