Struggling for items to add to your letter to Santa this year? Think about putting some things on it that might help you perform your best at the box. In no way is 717 endorsing any of these items, just recommendations from experienced CrossFitters as to what can help make the toughest WODs a little easier!

Jump Rope: This is a MUST HAVE for all CrossFitters! It’s so important to have a speed rope that is custom sized to you! A good rope with a ball bearing will spin smoothly and get you on your way to double unders. Two that are popular are the Spealer Speed Rope and the JumpNRope training rope that is a little thicker and heavier and sometimes better for beginners to get the feel for the double under rhythm.
training spealer

Wrist Wraps: These can be a savior to help with wrist stability and limit wrist pain in overhead movements and holding the barbell in the front rack. You can choose from a wide variety of colors and levels of support. They collect odor quickly so having an extra pair lying around isn’t a bad idea! Rogue makes an inexpensive one and when you order 3 items from Rogue they ship free!

Natural Grips: These will help to save your hands from tearing during high volume gymnastics days. A hand tear can sideline you for days, be proactive by protecting yourself with these! You could also try to make homemade ones, or test out the wide variety of leather gymnastics grips available. The Natural Grips are reusable and thin enough to allow you to feel the grip of the pull-up bar or the barbell.

Tape: Tape can be a savior in covering up blisters, callouses, and hot spots that are near tears or can be used to prevent those things from happening! Tape your thumb to help with hook grip, wrap your wrists before doing muscle-ups, or tape your natural grips to your hands. Two types of tape are out there: cloth athletic tape that’s sticky (Goat Tape is stickiest and withstands sweat), and self adhesive stretchy tape that only sticks to itself (Average Broz).
sticky goat

Shoes: Having the proper footwear can help ease many movements and provide the proper amount of stability for the sport of Crossfit. They need to be versatile to squat, run, jump, climb, etc.! Many companies make CrossFit specific shoes, but basically you want a minimus style shoe. Everyone’s feet are so different that you need to pick what is comfortable for you. Nike’s Metcon is new and very popular, Reebok’s Nano has been around the longest and has many faithful followers. Those with narrow feet have preferred Innov-8’s and Merrells. Converse All-Stars and Vibram 5 Fingers have made their appearances at the box too!

Weight Lifting Shoes: Getting more serious about CrossFit? It may be time to add a pair of lifters to your wardrobe. Gain a ton of stability and force with this specialty shoe. If you are squatting, snatching, cleaning and jerking on a regular basis then this will be worth the investment! Again, the purchase of these will be dependent on personal preference and your budget. Nike, Adidas and Reebok all make weightlifting shoes!
Protein: If you take a post-WOD protein supplement you know how expensive these can get. Add this to your list and save yourself from the next order! If you are a Costco member you can get Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein for cheaper than anywhere online!


Shaker Bottle:
Between the pre-WOD mix and post-WOD protein and working out 5 days a week those shaker bottles get used hard. This is an easy stocking stuffer item to supplement any list. Try one with the built in supplement compartment for easy transport!


717 Apparel: The 2016 apparel order is now underway! You can purchase these via our Retail Store. Give Santa the link so he can place the order! Orders due by 12/1 for Christmas delivery!

CrossFit 717 Gift Certificate: Get a personal training session or a month of your membership paid for! Or better yet, buy a beginner package for a loved one. Email [email protected] to arrange for your gift certificate order!

Voodoo Floss: This is a great tool to have in your bag for sticky joints and sore muscles. Compression and manipulation of the joint can get the blood flowing and flush out the built up fluids.  This is an item that can be used as 1 of 3 to ship free at Rogue.

Lacrosse Ball: A cheap and easy mobility tool. Sit on it at the office, roll on it at home…work out those sore spots so you can make it back to the box tomorrow! Find a pseudo one at the dollar store or get a real one for a few dollars at Dick’s!

Froning The Fittest Man in History, The Movie: Looking for some inspiration? Want to learn more about the CrossFit legend? Add this documentary to the list it’s available on iTunes for purchase!