Whether you are new to CrossFit or you are a 5 year veteran it is helpful to remember some key points to making our “Box” the best it can be.  The bottom line is that we are not just a “GYM”, we are a community and everything we do potentially impacts others. Follow these few simple rules of the land so everyone has a positive experience at 717.

  1. Respect the equipment:   Not only is broken equipment expensive and useless, but other members now have less to work with.  Dropping empty barbells ruins the bearings (they stop spinning), dropping kettlebells rips the carpet, using jump ropes outside will wear down the coating.  And PLEASE be kind to the 10# plates. DO NOT drop the barbell with only 10’s on the side (or anything less than 10#). Change out weights to heavier plates whenever possible!!
  2. Don’t borrow other people’s equipment mid-workout:  Make sure you have all the equipment that you need for the WOD. Don’t wait until mid-WOD to “borrow” someone else’s box or set of rings.  We are a community and are capable of sharing but nothing worse than trying to find your “missing” jump rope mid-WOD.
  3. Clean up after yourself:  If you got it out, put it away.  Whether it’s a barbell, a PVC pipe, a band…check your space after you are done and make sure it’s clear.  We’re CrossFit coaches, not weight maids at LA Fitness.
  4. Show up on time:  Your coaches take time to plan warm-ups appropriate to the movements in class. So, showing up late means you have missed crucial information, may risk injury by not being properly warmed up, and are disrupting the class for others.
  5. Pay attention:  Make sure you listen to your coach’s explanation on movements and general class instruction. Talking while your coach is talking is disrespectful and disruptive.  Furthermore, await the coach’s instruction on what equipment you will need for the warm-up. Getting out equipment prematurely can interfere with the flow of the class that the coach has planned.
  6. Greet new members:  Whether they are a drop-in, just out of beginners, or have just moved to the area, make everyone feel welcome.  Imagine how intimidating it would be for you to walk into a box where everyone already knows each other and no one says hello. This is crucial to the success of our gym.
  7. Don’t clean up while others are still working:  There is nothing worse than gutting out a workout when you are one of the last people in class to finish just to be demoralized by everyone cleaning up around you.  Instead, cheer on your fellow classmates or join in for the last of their reps so they aren’t working alone. Help be that last push they need, and be sure, they’ll be there someday for you when you need it.
  8. Treat the box like it’s your own:  Turn off lights when you leave the bathroom, put the toilet seat down, wipe down equipment that you have sweat/bled on, and bring issues to our attention so that we can address them. This is your gym, please be a part in taking care of it.
  9. RSVP/Check-in to class:  In order for your coaches to plan for class it is important to RSVP to let us know you are coming.  Checking in when you get there allows us to keep your membership up to date, makes you eligible for the attendance challenge, and helps us track trends in class attendance. We add/eliminate classes depending on the attendance records ZenPlanner shows us.
  10. OPEN GYM: Remember Open Gym Rules. During scheduled class times, the main floor & SweatShop room are UNAVAILABLE for Open Gym. The Oly room is always available and we are continuously adding essentials for workouts. If you have a request or need anything, please discuss with a coach before interrupting a class.
  11. Respect others’ workout time/space:  As much as we love the community aspect and thrive on the social interaction with fellow members it is important to remember we are all here to workout.  Be respectful of other’s workouts by not interrupting them during warm-up or mid-WOD for a conversation.  Furthermore be aware of people’s space.  Don’t set a barbell directly under a set of rings someone plans to use for muscle-ups, don’t walk across someone’s oly platform to grab a plate in the middle of their lift, use common sense and be considerate.
  12. Train with integrity:  No rep yourself.  If you lost count, guess low, not high.  If you didn’t hit full range of motion, don’t pretend no one has seen it (we did). Put the correct score/time on the whiteboard–we all have good days and bad days.  It’s impossible to track your progress if you don’t do the full range of motion or the prescribed number of reps for every workout. Believe us when we say the coaches and other class members know who shaves reps and who doesn’t get full range of motion.  Don’t be that guy (girl).
  13. Leave your ego at the door:  You may not PR, you may not Rx, you may not even finish in the time cap. Moving well with high intensity gains respect of your peers and coaches, not finishing first with flaws and errors. Focus on quality movement first and load later. Become addicted to movement perfection and efficiency. Scaling appropriately will allow you to keep intensity high, and that’s what brings results.