Introducing Nutrition Coaching at Crossfit 717

Whether it’s a total overhaul or one step at a time, we can work together to build a plan that factors in your goals, health issues, personality, and lifestyle.

Performance: Take your performance to the next level.

Body Composition:  Are you working hard to drop body fat but not seeing the results you want? We can work together to troubleshoot your situation and build a program that works.

Health: Are you dealing with medical or psychological challenges? I specialize in medical nutrition therapy (MNT) for metabolic syndrome, diabetes, PCOS, gut issues, depression and other psychological disorders, Celiac disease and other food allergies. And your insurance might cover it!

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Nutrition Overhaul (Initial Session):   $56 (Regular price $75)      Evaluate your current diet with specific recommendations to help you meet your goals. Includes review of medical history, meds, and labwork.  Nutrition/body composition assessment. Includes 1 week of email support.

Scheduled Maintenance (Follow up Session):    $23 (Regular price $30)        Half-hour follow-up to assess your progress, update goals, and adjust your plan as needed.  Includes another week of email support.

Nutrition Tune-Up (Single Session):     $43 (Regular price $60)      Focused on your questions and special issues, we’ll tailor this 60 minute session to your needs.

Package 1: The Short Haul:      $90 (Regular price  $120.00)        Includes the Nutrition Overhaul plus 2 Scheduled Maintenance sessions and 1 month of follow-up email support.

Package 2: The Long Haul:      $143 (Regular price $190.00)     Includes the Nutrition Overhaul plus 5 Scheduled Maintenance sessions and 3 months of follow-up email support.

Stay tuned…we’ll be adding some group sessions in the near future!

To learn more, email me or visit the Nutrition Coaching page at


Karen Polensky, MS, RD, LDN, CDE – Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator

[email protected]                                                       717-609-3537