Jen G. making a PR 138lb Snatch look easy!  Dedicating all the time and hard work pays off.
She is now the first female officially allowed to use Jamie’s Eleiko bar!



Flight Simulator
12 Minute to get as far as you can:

Double Unders

1. You must complete each set consecutively before moving onto the next
Example: I must do 5 consecutive double unders without breaking before I can move to 10 double unders. I must do 10 consecutive double unders before I move to 15 double unders etc.
2. You will start over on the set you were attempting if you do not get the desired number consecutively.
Example: If I am on set 25 and I trip on 23 double unders…I will start over and try for 25 again and continue this until I either get 25 consecutive double unders or the time runs out.
3. You must break in between sets
Example: After I complete 5 consecutive double unders, I must come to a complete stop, THEN go to set 10 and so on.
4. There is not modifying!!!!
Example: We are doing double unders today….NO SINGLES can be substituted or practice!

2 Handstand Push Ups
6 Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1)
8 Tuck Crunches
Level II:
2 Push Ups
6 KB Swing (choice)
8 Tuck Crunches
Level I:
2 Push Ups
4 KB Swing
6 Tuck Crunches