On Saturday, February 16th we will hold a mock (Olympic) Weightlifting meet.  It will not be competitive, but will give everyone a taste of lifting “on stage”.  We’ll be simply breaking it up into a male and female division. It will begin after the Saturday Team WOD and start off with our females.  We’ll try our best to hold everyone to the weightlifting standards.  This will most likely turn into a potluck/BBQ, so bring a chair, food, and your weightlifting shoes (not required to join)!
CrossFit H20
Don’t forget to hit the pool tomorrow at 7am for a great Swim WOD.  Before you go, read how our swim coach Scott and his assistant coach Jen E. are taking their team to the next level!

0-4:59 – 2 Power Snatches
5-9:59 – 1 Power Snatch + 2 OHS
10-14:59 – 2 Snatches

*Option A: Go light and focus on flawless form.
  Option B: Have 75% of 1RM on bar to start the 10th minute.  Don’t miss.

8 minute AMRAP:
5 Deadlifts (315/220) (scaled = 75% of 1RM)
7 Ring Dips

3 minutes rest

8 minute AMRAP:
150m Row @ 10
1 rope climb
7 push-ups (feet elevated on box)