Work out of the day for Crossfit 717 Lemoyne

WOD Partner up or make teams. Each partner or team will race in the following WODs. Keep track of total wins/losses. Losing partner or team will do 8 min. AMRAP of one 100m suicide sprint/30 sec. of scap push-ups. Winners will do 4 min. AMRAP of same. Continue reading
Congrats to Ted and Travis for getting 5th place overall in the Rx Men Team category at the Superfitgames this last weekend. Great job, brahs! Shootz. Continue reading
STRENGTH/SKILL A. 1-1/4 BS 3x5 @ 30X1 AHAP *Rest 3 min. btw. sets WOD B. 5 Rounds 5 Burpees 50 DU’s 5 Front Squat (185/135) Rest 5 min. 5 Rounds 200m Run or 30 sec. AB 3-6 MU’s 3 TGU/ arm POST-WOD C. 50 Same-side Bird Dogs Continue reading
STRENGTH/SKILL A. CG Bench Press 4x5 @ 30X2 *Rest 3 min. btw sets WOD B. EMOM for 12 min. Odd: 4 Push Press (heavy) Even: 8 KB Swings (32/24) Right into: 10 Rounds 10 Ring Dips/Bar Dips/Push-ups 10 Sit-ups 10 Air Squats Continue reading
Val can flyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! WOD Team of 2: 100 KB/DB Push Press (partner hangs from pull-up bar – switch every min.) 100 Box Jumps (partner gets into squat sit – switch every min.) 3K Row (partner holds FLR – switch every min.) 1 mile Run w/ sandbag (switch sandbag as needed) Continue reading

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