Work out of the day for Crossfit 717 Lemoyne

Happy Monday, 717 Nation! Testing week is here. It is extremely important for you guys to follow the programming structure ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO REST PERIODS. :) Make sure to listen to your coach and have fun pushing it this week! Continue reading
WOD 7 Rounds 7 Thrusters (115/95) 7 Weighted or Strict Chin-ups/Pull-ups (alternate each round) 7 Burpees 7 SDHP (115/95) 7 T2B 7 KB Swings Rest 2 min. Continue reading
Happy Friday, 717ers! A quick reminder that next week will be a testing week, so be prepared to push it. A deload week will follow. Continue reading
WOD Partner up or make teams. Each partner or team will race in the following WODs. Keep track of total wins/losses. Losing partner or team will do 8 min. AMRAP of one 100m suicide sprint/30 sec. of scap push-ups. Winners will do 4 min. AMRAP of same. Continue reading
Congrats to Ted and Travis for getting 5th place overall in the Rx Men Team category at the Superfitgames this last weekend. Great job, brahs! Shootz. Continue reading

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