Crossfit 717

For Time: 10-1 of: Ground to OH (115/65) Wall Ball Sit-ups 800m Run (Sandbag if able) 1-10 of: Ground to OH (115/65) Wall Ball Sit-ups Continue reading
Happy Friday, 717 Nation!!! Continue reading
WOD A. 3 sets 8 TnG Deadlifts. Tough. Build each set if able 5 No Pushup Burpee Box Jump (24/20) Row 15 strokes Max Effort Active Rest/Walk 4 min. Continue reading
STRENGTH/SKILL A. Strict Press: 5X5-8 reps AHAP *2-3 min. rest btw sets Continue reading
Weekly Challenge: Once or twice this week post wod, get in 3 sets of 8-15 reps of: Sidelying Pile Raises (horizontal abductions) and Sidelying Shoulder External Rotations. Perform them @ 3010 tempo. Note any side to side differences. Continue reading

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