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  • CF Wednesday – 7/13/16


    EMOM 10:  #weaknesswednesday


    5 Rounds (40 minute TC)
    4 Rounds of “Cindy”
    400m Run

    Haven’t registered for the Battle?  You have until Friday to get in!!  www.battleroyale717.com

  • CF, CFE, RC Thursday – 7/14/16


    EMOM 12:  3 Squat Jumps + 1 Power Clean @ 70%

    AMRAP 14
    60 Calorie Row
    50 T2B
    40 Wallballs
    30 Power Cleans (135/95)
    20 Muscle-ups

    Collect 3 minutes in a handstand

    Endurance WOD

    40 Minute Clock
    0:00-4:00 Tabata Bike
    4:00-5:00 Rest
    5:00-17:00 EMOM 12
    A) 8 SB Burpees B)10 Side Crunches/side
    17:00-18:00 rest
    300m SB Run + Max SB Squats
    22:00-23:00 Rest
    ?23:00-35:00 EMOM 12
    A) 12 OH Lunges (SB)
    B) :15 Hollow Hold + :15 Superman
    35:00-36:00 Rest
    36:00-40:00 Tabata Row

    Running Club

    6 x 200m at :02 faster than goal pace
    *rest 1/:30

    At Siebert Park

    Not too late to sign up for the Battle!!  www.battleroyale717.com

  • CF Friday – 7/15/16


    Overhead Squat:  10-8-6-4-2

    Survival Training

    EMOM 10: 30 sec hang + 1 pull-up
    – every fail, cut hang by 5 seconds


    5 RFT:
    1 Snatch
    2 Overhead Squats
    3 Power Cleans
    4 Front Squats

    Rx: 185/125/80% of snatch

    You have until 7pm TONIGHT to register for the Battle Royale 2016…don’t miss out!  www.battleroyale717.com

  • CF Saturday – 7/16/16

    Hero WOD

    100 Air Squats – 5 Muscle Ups
    75 Air Squats – 10 Muscle Ups
    50 Air Squats – 15 Muscle Ups
    25 Air Squats – 20 Muscle Ups

    Battle Royale 2016 Registration has CLOSED…but you can still be a judge!  Email lauren.crossfit717@gmail.com if you are interested!

  • Sunday – 7/16/16

    Coaches' Choice WOD

    4 Rounds
    *Start round every 5 minutes
    AMRAP 3:
    6 Burpees
    8 HSPU
    10 Box Jumps
    *50 DU immediately upon 3 minute expiration

    9am ROMWOD
    10am Open Gym
    10:30am Coaches’ Choice WOD

  • CF Monday – 7/18/16

    Strength A

    1RM Power Jerk

    Strength B

    AMRAP 10
    Rope Climbs (legless if able)


    3 RFT:
    20 Jumping Lunges
    20 RKBS (32/24)

    Schedule Changes:
    July 29 we will only be open for 5:30am and 6:30am classes
    *Note, Sweatshop members ARE permitted to come to either of those classes on that day
    July 31 We will be open, but will be unloading from the Battle and would appreciate any help you can give!

  • CF Tuesday – 7/19/16


    6 sets: Clean + 3 Front Squats
    (start @ 60% of clean)


    3 RFT:
    20 Calorie Row
    20 Squat Thrusts
    200m Sandbag Run

    Today is the last day to volunteer to judge at the Battle if you still want to get a free tshirt!  Let Coach Lauren know if you are interested!!

  • CF Wednesday – 7/20/16


    EMOM 10:  #weaknesswednesday


    EMOM 28
    1) 15 Wall Balls
    2) 12 Toes 2 Bar
    3) 9 Deadlifts (205/145)
    4) 6 Sandbag Clean and Press

    It’s #weaknesswednesday time again! What are you working on this week?

  • CF, CFE, RC Thursday – 7/21/16

    CrossFit Class

    5 Rounds: NFT
    20m Heavy Sled Push (High Bar)
    5 Rope Pull-ups
    5 Toes to Rope

    Every 3 minutes for 7 sets
    10 sec AB Sprint +
    2 Tuck Jumps As High as possible

    Endurance WOD

    Every 5 minutes…for 8 Rounds
    2 TGU (1 each arm)
    4 Box Jumps (36/30)
    6 DB Squat Thrust + curl
    200m Sprint

    Running Club

    MILE TIME TRIAL (if you didn’t do Harrisburg Mile)

    Partner WOD for those who ran the Harrisburg Mile:
    200m – 400m – 800m – 1600m – 800m – 400m -200m
    *rest while your partner runs or run together and = rest
    6pm Siebert Park Track in Camp Hill

    You will see prowlers today and tomorrow…don’t be alarmed!!  This is a lower intensity week…today’s prowlers are HEAVY, tomorrows are lighter and fast.  There is a method to the madness…ask your coach!

  • CF Friday – 7/22/16


    Double KB Front Squat 5×10
    – climb each set


    5 rounds: Teams of 3 or 4
    5 yards high, 5 yards low
    10 yards high, 10 yards low
    20 yards high, 20 yards low

    Congratulations to all of the runners who raced in the Harrisburg Mile on Wednesday night!  LOTS of PRs!!  So proud of all of their hard work:
    Lauren Donahoe:  5:55 (PR and 2nd in Age Group)
    Debbie Yahnke:  7:16 (3rd in Age Group)
    Jeff Hollinger: 5:05
    Matt Lebo:  5:20
    Yunus Brevik:  5:39 (PR)
    Scott Robinson:  5:40
    Neil Spence:  5:50
    Corey Losch:  5:58 (PR)
    Sharon Moleski:  6:29 (PR)
    Lauren Salerno:  6:37
    Jeff Hammaker 7:05
    Ron Trimnell:  7:13 (PR)
    Marj Lebo:  7:45 (PR)
    Pam Losch:  8:07 (PR)
    Gina Davis:  8:15
    Craig Malesic:  8:16
    Carter Malesic:  9:40
    Lila Tonsic:  9:56 (PR)
    Brandi Myers:  10:01 (PR)
    Alice Crossland:  12:10
    *PR=from pre-test at beginning of cycle until race day


  • CF Saturday – 7/23/16


    1RM Snatch
    1RM Clean & Jerk

    Time to test those maxes today!

  • Sunday – 7/24/16

    Coaches' Choice WOD

    10 Minute Clock:
    1 Mile Run
    Max C&J (185/125)

    9am ROMWOD
    10am Open Gym
    10:30am Coaches’ Choice WOD

  • CF Monday – 7/25/16


    EMOM 12
    A) :15 L-Sit (6 Support L Raise)
    B) 8 DB Strict Press alternating
    *resting position is locked out OH
    C) 20m Plate Push


    For time:
    20 Calorie Row
    40 G2OH (95/65)
    50 Wallball (20/14)
    400m Run

    For the next 6 weeks we will have a few focuses…
    A)  OVERHEAD SQUAT:  We will test and re-test a 5RM, work on overhead mobility, stability, strength, and hip and ankle mobility.  Utilize the mobility and stability exercises that we do during warm-up to add in to other days during the week.  If this is a weakness for you, putting in some extra work will go a long way.
    B)  ENERGY SYSTEMS:  We will be focused on Anaerobic and Aerobic Power, you ability to operate close to your capacity in those systems.  Anaerobic efforts will be shorter with longer recovery and closer to maximal effort.  Aerobic Power training will be operating at 80-90% effort anywhere from :30 to 10 minutes with smaller amounts of rest.  The “rest” period some days may be active rest or recovery, but it’s necessary to stick to the prescription to allow yourself to recover to be able to replicate your work effort multiple times.  We will end this cycle with a Aerobic Power Test benchmark WOD.

    Friday (7/29) we will ONLY have 5:30am and 6:30am CrossFit Classes due to set up for the Battle Royale.
    *All Sweatshop members are welcome to attend either of those classes.
    Saturday (7/30) we are CLOSED ALL DAY!
    Sunday (7/31) there will be NO ROMWOD.  We will open at 10am, equipment will be limited until we unload from the Battle. There will be no Coaches’ Choice WOD except…For time:  Put all Battle equipment away!

  • CF Tuesday – 7/26/16


    5RM Overhead Squat
    *record this weight we will retest!


    4 RFT (10 min TC)
    15 Goblet Squat (32/24)
    12 RKBS
    9 C2B Pull-ups

    Reminder that the box will be closed on Saturday for the Battle Royale, and ONLY open at 5:30am and 6:30am on Friday!!

  • SS Monday – 7/11/16


    DB Circuit
    :30 on, :15 off for 3 Rounds
    Lat Raise
    Cast Pull
    Reverse Fly
    Upright Row
    **light weight, Rest 1 minute btw rounds


    AMRAP 20
    10 KB Oblique Crunch (side)
    100m Goblet Carry
    15 Burpees
    150m Run
    20 RDL
    200m Row

    Choose a weight for the dumbbell circuit that you can continuously move for the entire :30!

  • SS Tuesday – 7/12/16


    EMOM 12
    A) 6 Hang Clean Thrusters
    B) 6 Strict Pull-ups (toe nail)
    C) 6 Side Box Step Ups (below parallel)

    *rest 2

    EMOM 12
    A) 10 DB Snatch (Alt)
    B) 10 Renegade Row w/ Kickback
    C) 10 SLRDL

    *rest 2

    EMOM 12
    A) :40 Bike
    B) :40 Jump Rope (plate step ups)
    C) :40 Air Squats

    Have you signed up for the Harrisburg Mile yet?  Wednesday, July 20…heats run starting at 6pm.  Straight course down Front Street.  Come out and join #717Nation, http://ymcarun.com/info-mile/.

  • SS Wednesday – 7/13/16


    EMOM 10:  #weaknesswednesday


    6 X 8th Street Hill (water tower)
    *Walk down to recover
    **If unable to run, walk

    Buy Out

    4 Rounds
    12 Leg Throws (Right, Center, Left)

    Haven’t run the 8th Street hill yet?  Today is the day to try Sweatshop!

  • SS Thursday – 7/14/16


    AMRAP 10
    18 Walking Lunges
    15 Squat Thrust
    12 Shoulder Taps (vertical or horizontal)

    AMRAP 8
    12 RKBS
    9 Hanging L-Raise
    6 OHS (3/arm)

    AMRAP 6
    6 Goblet Squats
    3 HSPU (Neg, Hold, Press)

    AMRAP 4
    Alternating TGU

    *rest 2 between

    Don’t forget 6pm is the Endurance Class…come out and try it!!

  • SS Friday – 7/15/16


    EMOM 5:  Double Under practice

    Partner WOD

    *Alternate Rounds with partner…movements should be performed as fast as possible!!

    AMRAP 12
    6 DB Thrusters
    6 Pull-ups
    20 Plate Hops

    Rest 5

    AMRAP 12
    10 KBS
    10 Burpees

    Partner WODs are a great way to push yourself, come out and get a great workout in before the weekend begins!

  • SS Saturday – 7/16/16


    1000m Row

    Pull-ups (Ring Rows)

    750m Row

    Box Jumps

    500m Row

    UB Wallballs

    250m Row

    Bring a friend to class today to try it out!

  • SS Monday – 7/18/16


    AMRAP 18
    Team of 3
    A) 40m Prowler (20 HB, 20 LB)
    B) OH Plate Hold
    C) 10 KB HPC & Press
    *Switch when prowler finished

    Buy Out with Team

    AMRAP 6
    Max AB Calories
    *switch at any time

    Schedule Changes:
    July 29 we will only be open for 5:30am and 6:30am classes
    *Note, Sweatshop members ARE permitted to come to either of those classes on that day
    July 31 We will be open, but will be unloading from the Battle and would appreciate any help you can give!

  • SS Tuesday – 7/19/16


    4 x AMRAP 4 (1 minute rest)
    8 Burpees over the KB
    10 Double Russian KBS
    12 Sit-ups

    Buy Out

    4 Sets:
    5 Seated DB Strict Press
    6 Back Extensions
    7 Ring Push-ups (to DB)

    Try to maintain same pace for all AMRAPs…keep track of number of rounds for each.

  • SS Wednesday – 7/20/16


    EMOM 10:  #weaknesswednesday


    3 RFT
    5 Man Makers
    10 T2B
    15 AB Calories
    20 # sit ups
    200m SB Run

    It’s #weaknesswednesday time again!  What are you working on this week?

  • SS Thursday – 7/21/16


    10 Curtis P’s
    20 Windshield Wipers (r+l =1)
    30 Renegade Rows
    40 RKBS
    50 ST Box Jumps
    40 RKBS
30 Renegade Rows
20 Windshield Wipers (r+l=1)
    10 Curtis P’s

    Buy Out

    Death by:  Sit-up + Push-up

    Have you tried the Endurance WOD yet?  Give it a whirl tonight!

  • SS Friday – 7/22/16


    Calorie Row
    DB Burpee

    *rest 2 minutes

    DB Snatch (total)


    Buy Out

    3 Rounds:
    5 Ring Dip Negative, :03 @ bottom
    *Scale to DB PU Neg
    20 Bicycle Crunches

    Don’t forget we have Sweatshop at 5pm on Friday…come out and pack the class!  Great way to start your weekend.

  • SS Saturday – 7/23/16


    *400m Run after each round

    Gonna be hot today, come in and get your workout in EARLY!  8am Sweatshop!!

  • SS Monday – 7/25/16


    5 Sets
    5 Bent Row
    5 Bench Press (Alt 1 arm up, 1 down)


    AMRAP 12
    Climb by 2
    Push Press
    # Sit-up

    Buy Out

    Collect 100 Plank K2E

    There are NO Sweatshop Classes on Friday or Saturday this week due to the Battle Royale.
    *All Sweatshop members are permitted to attend the 5:30 or 6:30am CF Class on Friday morning!

  • SS Tuesday – 7/26/16

    Partner WOD

    *Split reps any way
    100 Calorie Assault Bike
    100 RKBS
    100 Goblet Squats
    200 Double Unders
    100 Goblet Squats
    100 RKBS
    100 Calorie Assault Bike


    (can work as others finish)
    3 Rounds
    :30 HS Hold (box/extended plank)
    Collect :20 L-Sit

    *Reminder NO SWEATSHOP CLASSES this Friday or Saturday due to the Battle Royale.  You MAY come at 5:30 or 6:30am on Friday!

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